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Lance B wrote:

Great write up and I'd agree with pretty much everything.

I never thought I would say this, but I used my D850 the other day and hated using it in comparison to the Z7. I was using it for birding but I could have easily used the Z7 and wish I had.


Yours is an interesting take on your Z7 vs D850 for birding.  I don't have much D850 experience.  (While I had a D810, I instead swapped for a D750 and stuck with the D750 until the Z6).

I also never thought I'd say it with the D750 & Z6.  While I originally expected to use my D750 & Z6 equally (but for different uses), I have in fact stopped using my D750.  The Z6 is that good.  It's much faster, has generally better autofocus, and is overall more pleasant to use.  I also feel as though they must have significantly reduced EVF lag in the 2.0 firmware update months back, because I remember this being a much bigger problem last year.

Also, I've learned how to use the Z6 much better (like all the AF modes I described), which took some time shooting a variety of subjects, and slowly gaining understanding of the patterns of what was happening.  This is especially hard when the camera does have a mind of its own.  I can't tell you how long it took for me to realize that the camera decides to use CDAF on low-contrast targets, when that same mode uses PDAF for better targets.  Or just how sensitive the perimeter of the dynamic 9-point mode is.

Anyways, I digress.  What did you prefer in the Z7 over the D850 for birding?

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