Hawk, Lizards, Migrators, Kingfisher Scores (11/25/19)

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Hawk, Lizards, Migrators, Kingfisher Scores (11/25/19)

Continuing my wildlife posts and wrapping up October with this post, I've got the rest of the mix of birds and wildlife encountered on Sunday October 27th at Green Cay Wetlands.

This time, I've got a few more of the small migrating and wintering birds from the pine forests, as well as some lizards mixed in, one hawk trying to prey on a migratory bird in the forest, plus some of the wetlands waders on the hunt - herons, bitterns, and limpkins.  And one last-second catch of a kingfisher doing what his name implies.

All taken with the A6300 and FE100-400mm GM combo as usual, and all posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

Starting with the tiny winter bird - the blue-grey gnatcatcher.  These are nearly hummingbird small, and always running up and down the tree branches eating small spiders and bugs

Just a few seconds in one spot, before pointing himself the other direction - and right after this photo, darting off to another branch

Another winter bird, that is even more difficult to catch - because he too likes to run all around the branches and trees looking for bugs, but has a tendency to spin around upside down and around the backs of branches...the restless black-and-white warbler

This green heron found a branch poking just out of the water - a perfect spot to survey his patch of algae covered water

Another black-and-white warbler - this time running up the backside of a tree trunk

When a patch of woods full of migrating and wintering species suddenly goes dead quiet and empty...there's usually a reason.  One good reason is the arrival of a cooper's hawk - an expert at flying fast through trees and branches to surprise forest birds and snatch them up for lunch

No luck for Mr. Cooper today though - he looked all around, but the little birds seemed to have an early warning of his arrival and had long since scattered

A basilisk lizard crawling up a pond apple branch to get into that nice warm sun

This limpkin was busy puffing himself up and stretching - he better watch out doing that around thanksgiving though - he looks a bit too much like a turkey from a distance!

An American bittern on the hunt - this one was really checking out the trees looking for some unsuspecting lizards rather than the fish they usually go after.  Some who follow my posts may recall I spotted my first one for this season just the week before, flying in

He was wandering through the forest - he seemed to have really developed a taste for reptiles as there was a nice patch of water not too far away full of fish that the herons were scoring, but he was determined to find something else on the menu

Way high up in the treetops, the lovely little northern parulas were looking for bugs to feed up - many of them just pass through my area in spring and fall, on their way to and from the Caribbean and up north

It was windy that day, so this bird was swinging back and forth like a pendulum, as was the branch in front of him, swinging on an opposite tack - and making it a bit of a challenge to get a shot!

Down low in the pond apple trees, another basilisk lizard was trying to climb his way out of the shade and into the sun

At the last second, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bird plunging towards the water - facing directly into the sun I had very strong backlight - but I tried to get a few shots to see what it was...as the bird popped up out of the water, spewing droplets, I saw it was a belted kingfisher, and he had scored a fish

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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