Why most people seem to switch to Fuji's mirrorless than Canon's M series?

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Re: Why most people seem to switch to Fuji's mirrorless than Canon's M series?

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I am not sure most people are switching to Fuji mirrorless. Sony sells more mirrorless cameras than Fuji and Canon combined. Doesn't really matter either way though.

If your primary motivation for going mirrorless is to reduce size and weight, then I would not plan on adapting your existing lenses. Take a look at the size and weight of your 18-135mm compared to the Canon EF-M 18-150mm. The native mirrorless lens is far smaller and lighter. Fuji's mirrorless 18-135mm is not much smaller or lighter than your Canon 18-135mm, but it does not need the added size and weight of an adapter which weighs 150 grams.

Figure out which lenses you want and that will be your best guide to which system to choose. Both systems have the basic kit zoom lenses covered. Fuji, as you noted, has some options beyond the basic kit zoom such as the 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0, 16-55mm f/2.8, and 16-80mm f/4.0.

Here are all of the current autofocus lenses for the Canon mirrorless system


Here are all of the current autofocus lenses for the Fuji mirrorless system


If you will primarily be shooting JPEG, Canon and Fuji are both very highly respected in this regard. If you stray from the standard JPEG profile, Fuji probably has a slight advantage, especially with black and white. Many of the Fuji cameras will also let you shoot a 3 shot bracket of JPEG profiles. For example, every time you press the shutter, you can get a standard JPEG, high saturation JPEG, and a B&W JPEG.

Any Canon mirrorless camera from the M5 onward will have great AF. For Fuji, any 24MP or 26MP camera will have great AF, with the exception of the X-A3, X-A5 and X-T100.

Both systems should be more than capable of meeting your needs. It will really come down to your personal preferences for the handling of the various bodies and which lenses you think you will need.

...and there is, of course, m43 option with plenty of small or reasonable sized cameras and lenses...

A s l a

The m4/3 does indeed have a fantastic lineup of lenses.  However, I would put Olympus and Panasonic a step behind Canon and Fuji when it comes to out of camera JPEGs, based on personal testing.

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