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Re: Into the mind of Z6 Autofocus. Bookmark this.

j_photo wrote:

beatboxa wrote:

Wide area small, Wide area large, & Auto Area:

These are all the same thing, covering different areas.

Interesting way to relate these three. In use, only Auto Area shows the active focus point changing as the scene changes. Are you saying that the same thing is happening in the wide area modes but simply not displayed?

This is a great question.  And yes, I think so.

All of these modes allow the camera to use algorithms to pick what to focus on (meaning various AF points); and no doubt part of this is finding contrast and shapes, looking for subjects at closer distances, etc.

Auto area looks around the entire frame and shows the actual boxes (since the overall area is obviously larger), but the wide areas also look around the portion of the frame you've selected. I suspect it was too small or distracting to fit boxes in the small area of the Wide modes, though they conceivably could have used the dots (like they do in dynamic area)--though that also may have been distracting.

There is an irony that the Wide Area modes have among the least user-input (user telling the camera what to do), but they also provide the least user feedback from the camera (telling the user what it picked). Despite this, I've found wide-area to be reliable in usually picking the right subject, so the feedback is a nice to have, but less necessary.

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