Pk vs MK ink

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Re: Pk vs MK ink

I have a 9800 which is similar with an expensive MK/PK swap.

The main differences are that PK ink's black has a resin coating that, counterintuitively, makes for darker blacks on glossy type paper but lighter blacks on matte.

The minimum L* I get with MK is about 17 while the minimum L* is about 25 for Pk.

For matte prints that don't have or need darker blacks I prefer PK on matte since MK has a slight tendency to smudge from handling that the PK does not.

However, the 9800 canned profiles, which do include PK and MK for matte paper do not have the correct AtoB1 tables because they bake in BPC. The result doesn't affect printing but does mess up soft proofing which makes low key soft proofs look way too dark. Not a problem for me since I make custom profiles but something to look out for.

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