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Re: Into the mind of Z6 Autofocus. Bookmark this.

Freecall wrote:


thanks for all the insights & explanations, just one quick question when you say "To use this properly, you have to make sure the subject is under the center AF box when you begin focus"

- does that mean you can move the focus box around and the object needs to be under that box or

- the focus box should stay in the center / middle of screen when starting focus .. so forget any nice composition with focus box not in center of the screen

I am sure it is just semantics .. but as non native english speaker I want to be sure I understand correctly, thanks

You're welcome!  And yes, i can see how this can be confusing. 
I think the first one you wrote is correct, but not the second one.

In dynamic area, you are given 9 AF points in a 3x3 grid.  The middle AF point in this 3x3 frame is a box, while the other 8 points around it are little dots.

You can move this grid anywhere in the frame.

When you begin to focus, your subject should be in the box that is in the middle of this 3x3 grid (not the dots), no matter where it is in the frame.

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