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Re: It's a Time Decision

thebbqguy wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

Moving to MF takes money. Lots of money. Money that you are willing to spend on camera gear. If you have it you have it and if you don't, there are so many other outstanding options.

You could buy a used GFX 50, but that still requires big money on glass, tripods, and computer power (both desktop and laptop), plus a big 32 inch 4K pro monitor in order to enjoy MF.

If I didn't have the money for the MF world I would be shooting Fuji APSC and be very happy.

Having it and being willing to spend it are two different things.

Unfortunately, many don’t understand this simple dilemma... it isn’t about cost, unless you are constrained for cash and are unwilling to chase your dream. Who knows, maybe you can make something really interesting that one of your friends wants to buy it.

The actual problem you are grappling with is the lack of a proper valuation of your time. How much is your time worth? I spent many hours, over years, in one of the best print / film labs in the world. And, I can firmly tell you that what you need is time if you want to work with film. And, the obvious time savings that comes with digital is unbelievable. You can’t make a quick reply to an email in the darkroom handling your gear and accessories. You also can’t make a small change to the print you are working on /analog and digital. Small changes lead to bigger changes and there is a trip to the printer from your enlarger. Let’s see, another 10’sh minutes. And it still wasn’t right. Darn!

Art is art. Maybe what you are doing is exploring something that will lead to an end and you will be pleased with your work product as you intended ... until some friend of yours comes over and say it look stupid.

I have color transparency prints all over my walls. They are beautiful. Plain and simple and can’t be replicated by digital manipulation at any step along the way.

My suggestion is to stick with digital and invest in better computing equipment - and don’t be afraid to send a piece of newly created film off for a real drum scan.

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