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Oly has 3 places/settings to pre-set/pre-select prior to shooting

I just put these two answers together and thought to add it here

1. no time control of SCP that I know of, it goes off screen automatically after around 7 secs.

2. Oly has 3 places/settings to pre-set/pre-select prior to shooting, primarily for Jpegs.

a. IMAGE SIZE (you can pick/pre-set M and S pixel count);

b. JPEG COMPRESSION (you can pre-set 4 combos of pixel count/jpeg compression).

c. RECORD MODE: RAW only; JPEG only: JPEG + RAW (note: recording mode is not shooting mode)

If Jpeg or Jpeg + RAW, then, what pre-set image size? what preset jpeg compression?)


Most cameras pre-define L/M/S pixel counts, i.e. Sony: 20mp/10mp/5mp.

Oly lets you define pixel count of M and S. NOTE: this is pre-set what M and S pixel count will be if/when M or S is SELECTED ELSEWHERE.

Menu, Gear, Line G. press button, sub menu, bottom line 'pixel count'.

here, IF YOU WANT, you define what M (middle image size) pixel count will be (4 choices, 2560 x 1920 is default) and, you can define what S (small image size) pixel count will be (3 choices, 1280 x 960 is default)

2b. JPEG COMPRESSION (this does not effect the RAW uncompressed image).

this determines what choices will appear later, when you choose a RECORD MODE.
you can pre-set four combos of image size/jpeg compression.

2b1. pick image size: L/M/S.

2b2. pick jpeg compression amount: least to most compression: SF; F; N; B.

This is very important for Jpeg Shooters. Oly Jpeg DEFAULT is N, a lot of compression, you will not get the best Jpegs. I strongly suggest you make your MAIN combo L/SF (least compression) More details in the setup suggestions above.

Menu, gear, line G, press button, sub-menu, next to last line: 'symbol Set'.here is where you make the choices for the four combos.

I always use L/SF, I made all four L/SF

When memory cards were small, transfer speeds slow, internet limits low, these made sense, not much any more. One advantage is for rapid writing of smaller files when using continuous shooting, (not really needed, just use a fast writing memory card). One advantage might be to get small email sizes without needing to resize. One advantage is to have a small jpeg index to find RAW images, if you never use the Jpeg.

2c. RECORD MODE. (prior pre-sets of 2a and 2b show up as choices here).

This is when it gets real, a specific final recording mode choice.

Menu, camera 1, 4th line, symbol. press button, sub-menu: still picture.

9 RAW only; four: JPEG only (choose one of the four jpeg image size/compression combos you pre-set in 2b above)four: JPEG +RAW (again, choose one of the four jpeg image size/compression combos you pre-set in 2b above).


Note: IF, like me, you set all four combos in 2b to be L/SF, then RECORDING MODE becomes only 3 choices: RAW; JPEG; JPEG + RAW

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