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Re: Medium Format vs. Full Frame

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JimKasson wrote:

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I like the idea of medium format and I drool over Clyde Butcher's landscapes. The medium format digital cameras are beyond my desired budget, but a used film camera seems like a viable consideration.

To this point I have kept my photography budget purposely conservative and dont see that changing in the near term.

Should I investigate medium format film or hold out for a full frame?

Butcher uses (or used) film cameras from 4x5 through 12x20. I don't think he ever used medium format film.

Butcher has been using digital cameras since about 2014 (Sony a7R with Cambo Actus). Here is a detailed list of his equipment (past and current):

Right, but the question was about film cameras. I don't think you're going to be able to do the kinds of things that Butcher does with film in medium format.

Hi Jim,

Sorry for asking, but what sets large format apart? The reason I am asking is simply because I lack the experience. What I have done stops at 6x7 cm on projected slide.

Two obvious answers are:

  • That resolution, sharpness and acutance thing that you sometimes write about.
  • The short depth of field.

But, it is also my understanding that large format lenses are very often stopped down to very small apertures, to achieve enough DoF. That would of course counter act the first factor.

Part of the reason that I am asking that I saw a video with Clyde Butcher shooting in Everglades on LuLa and Michael Reichmann and Clyde Butcher discussed DoF. Clyde Butcher said that he didn't use Scheimpflug, achieved DoF by stopping down.

After that they went into the wet darkroom and made a giant size print.

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