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Re: Medium Format vs. Full Frame

thebbqguy wrote:

I like the idea of medium format and I drool over Clyde Butcher's landscapes. The medium format digital cameras are beyond my desired budget, but a used film camera seems like a viable consideration.

To this point I have kept my photography budget purposely conservative and dont see that changing in the near term.

Should I investigate medium format film or hold out for a full frame?

That is your decision, of course.

Tim Parkin who shoots both digital and large format film, beside operating a scanning shop, has a very nice series of articles on large format film base photography:

Personally, I don't think going film and scanning makes a lot of sense. But, some film, developer combinations paired by high quality scanning can give excellent results.

I have been shooting 6x7 on Pentax in the film era and had a dedicated film scanner in the 3k$US price range.

After I got to 24 MP on full frame I did not feel that 6x7 on film and scanning made any sense.

But I have several hundred 67 slides so I still scan time to time:

Here you have a bunch of sample images from my Phase One P45+ back:

Here are bunch of images scanned on the Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro 3200/4800 PPI CCD scanner, the slides are mostly Velvia 120 67.

Here is a bunch of images that have been printed at reasonable size, like 30"x40". The two panos were 10' and 13' long:

None of the 'Choosen' images were scanned from film. Two were shot on the P45+ back. The others Sony 24 MP och 42 MP cameras.
Most of the images are available at decent sizes, 5K or larger. Smugmug has some tricks.

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