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I have downloaded one of 'Hiphopapotamus's' sample files and compared with two of my own. My own 67 Velvia image from the Pentax 67 was 8571 pixel high. So i have resized all images to that height.

Left Hiphopapotamus's sample file, center my scan from Velvia 67 on my Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro and right an image shot at the same place with the Phase One P45+ back on a Hasselblad 555/ELD.The images are obviously different, but they include living people at about the same size. Check the images at full size (below) and draw your own conclusions.The image in center makes a nice A2 size (16"x23") print, all that I can say, as I had such a print hanging on exhibition for a couple of moths.

I did not ask 'Hiphopapotamus' for permission to use the image. It is used for educational purpose and I feel it is adequate use.

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