Adobe is killing the perpetual license for Photoshop CS6

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That's a completely separate issue

Boomanbb wrote:

You realize that no software company promises their software will stay viable once its no longer supported right?

The issue of continued updates is completely separate from having perpetual licenses continue working.

A perpetual license taker should be able to expect the product to continue working on the original platform he bought it for, if he or she makes no changes to that platform (e.g. updates of the OS that interfere with some aspect of the software).

This is a situation where the license taker did not make any such changes to the system; rather, the software manufacturer made changes that made it impossible for the user to continue using the software as it seems was contractually agreed (worth checking for expiration clauses). This is confirmed by the fact that the software displayed a specific message indicating to the user that the manufacturer had disabled something on the manufacturer's end.

And that being the case, it would be wrong, morally and legally.

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