Thoughts from a beginner

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Thoughts from a beginner

Hi all!

I'm fairly new in the world of ILC, so I thought my experience could help others in my situation or show the "other PoV" to the more veterans, so here it is:

I always loved to take pictures, but haven't crossed the line betwen p&s and dslr for a couple reasons, among them size and weight. I know I'm late to the party, but I haven't heard a word about mirrorless cameras until this summer (end of August).

When I discovered the mirrorless world, I knew I was in. But... Wich brand to chose?

I was afraid that m4/3 wouldn't be enough better than my p&s or phone to commit so much money and space in my bag FF was out of my budget completely. So I settled on APS-C sensor size system.

When I looked, Nikon had no aps-c mirrorless, so it was between Canon, Sony and Fujifilm.

I didn't like the Sony's cameras aspect: I don't want to buy a brick with buttons... But nevertheless I contemplated them. I erased them from my list completely when I discovered that the only one I could afford (A6000) had no touchscreen! And even the ones that have it don't let you navigate the menu with it! What the... ?? It surprises me the little impact this has in internet reviews (like the ones in this site) of these cameras when is something that a new user will demand for sure...

That left me with Fujifilm or Canon. At last what convinced me was the lens prices of Fujifilm. I'm not in the market for retro cameras, but I didn't minded them too much, but those prices!

So... Now I'm a happy Canon eos M6 owner!

I have to say that I first bought an M10, but when I saw a very good priced M6, I couldn't resist! The M10 is a good camera, but I wanted more buttons and options.

What i like and don't like from the Canon M system so long:


- Easy to understand interface: here helps a lot the touchscreen.

- Beautiful and great IQ ooc: I shot in raw+jpeg because I don't want to postprocess all the pictures and I just need to postprocess very few images (and almost all are by my fault)

- DPP: It's free and for a beginner it have just enough features. I guess sometime I'll upgrade to a more complete software, but is nice to have it for now.

- Price and quality of the lenses: When you read internet reviews of M cameras there's always the mark of how little native lenses there are. But for a beginner there are more than enough! I also took in consideration that I could adapt EF lenses when I chose Canon, but even with only ef-m lenses you have everything you could want from a medium user. I now have the 11-22 (is on the mail), the 22 and the ef 50, and I'm very happy with them. I sold the 15-45 because it was very slow (more on that later) and I have the range covered with primes (I'll be getting the 32mm sometime)


- Basicaly, from my pov, lack of native fast zooms. I have the adaptor (the Viltrox one, that works perfectly) and use it with the ef 50mm, but for something bigger, any of the M cameras look and feel totaly unbalanced. If canon is not going to release any fast zoom it could be a good idea to make a M5 mark II with a bigger grip so you can use bigger lenses.

- I don't miss a ovf or evf because I have never used them with any consistence, but maybe I end pulling the trigger and getting the evf-dc2 to try it.

Wow, sorry for the long text!

I hope this helps someone

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