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The GL690 is interchangeable, you can buy lenses for it, the GW690 is not interchangeable, some say the lenses are better on the GW690. With the prices the way they are you can buy multiple GW690s with the lens widths you want if you get into them.

690 is an older format, it was popular during the early period from the 1920s to 1960s before it dropped off, then during the 60s to 80s 670 became popular, then during the 80s, and early 90s 645 became popular.

So you work around what you have, there are only really three cameras I would consider modern and functional... Folders really aren't viable, so you have the GL690, or GW690 then you have the Mamiya Universal which is a press camera and then you have a big tank of an SLR. The Fuji GX680.

Some can argue by the time you go up to a GX680 you might as well also consider a Crown Graphic, Speed Graphic, or other Crown... And then you also get the chance to use 4x5 cut film backs. But the Crown is a big camera also.

I really wouldn't bother with less than 6x8 roll film these days as small format digital really bests it in most instances. If you have a dark room you can go to that's great. No such thing exists here unless you make your own. If you know a good lab technician who also scans and prints, make friends with them as they are rare and hard to come by.

I've made friends with a lot of important people, some of them are quite old, so I value them as bridges to the knowledge I simply will never gain. One guy in particular who has repaired all sorts of cameras for longer than you've been alive. I value them deeply, not just because there is no one else who can do it, but because they're amazing people and they have skills that far exceed my own.

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