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Re: Jim’s next article with gigapixel upscale

Joohan wrote:

Seems to zero out the benefits of gfx100. Interesting ....


You and I know each other well from years on the Fuji Board. I have not been on that Board since January of 2011, much to my displeasure.

But, if you are here on the MF Board, like I was starting about a year ago, trying to decide whether or not to venture out from wonderful Fuji X gear (APSC) and go towards high-res FF Sony and the alphasevenarefour or Fuji GFX, just do what I did.


Do not draw a conclusion like the one you said above because it is wrong and is a common fake talking point of the anti MF crowd.  Too easy to spout off, but always wrong.

I see that you are on the Sony Board claiming that there is no reason to upgrade from the alphasevenarethree to the alphasevenarefour. I'm sure some alphasevenarefour owners would disagree with that conclusion (as I do), but I never comment on that Board because I do not own Sony gear. Therefore I spare them my brilliant opinions about their gear.

So if you are here to make decisions and thinking about MF as an option, you are in the right place.

But if you are here to regurgitate anti-MF talking point quips, then I'm not sure what that accomplishes.

Best wishes. PM me and I will give you my phone number. Call me on Whats App from Sweden and I will tell you everything I know about why it is really awesome to shoot MF and what you are going to experience moving from Fuji APSC.

But, if you decide on the alphasevenarefour, that is such a great camera that it is very often the right decision. It is way more versatile and it is outstanding - it is one of the best 3 or 4 cameras in the world.

I may still get one.

But the IQ results of the GFX 100 are on a different planet. Do not believe the false narrative and anti-MF talking points about alphasevenarefour IQ matching GFX 100 IQ (or even GFX 50).

The alphasevenarefour is not MF.

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