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Re: Medium Format vs. Full Frame

Medium format is cheap, you can get a Mamiya Universal, or a Fuji GL690, or even GX680 for not much more than $500 with a wide-angle lens if landscape is your thing. Modern film is cheap also... A pro pack of Ektar 100 or Portra 160 will cost you $50 or less... Development at a pro lab with full sized scans $30 or so, and then across 8 shots that'll be about $3/$4 a shot...

If you don't develop it yourself...

Resolution wise... You can have 4800ppi or even 7200ppi.

Modern film like Ektar 100 and Portra 160 has far less grain then you would care to imagine. 400 speed film will give you the same amount of grain as roughly ISO1600... and 800 3200...

I would stay away from shooting slides these days, apart from the fact that the grain structure of old slide formats like Velvia 50 are crap... You can get better results with Ektar 100 to be honest and anyway slides are getting hard to develop these days with what's going on with Kodak's suppliers...

You can get results on 6x9 as good as anything on digital the results will just have that film look. You will either love it or hate it, but you won't know without trying.
Roll film is much more convenient than sheet film. I wouldn't even look at sheet film if you're a newbie.

Print it, don't look at the pixels, print it on glass, print it on aluminum, print it on resin, then light it properly and you will love it.

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