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Re: Using a more sophisticated upsampling method

Luvwine wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

Using a more sophisticated upsampling method yields quite different results:

GFX 100


I admit to being quite surprised at how well GigaPixel AI did with the Sony file.


I don't understand this result. If Fuji's image provided more detail prior to uprezzing, then the difference seems to come from the Gigapixel engine doing better with the Sony file than the Fuji file. Why would this be? Is the result subject matter dependent? Would it do as well with a portrait or a rock face as it does in this instance with leaves on a tree? Not trying to make you do a bunch of testing, but if the previous testing is correct (I have no reason to dispute it) and file from the Fuji GFX shows more detail/resolution than the Sony A7rIV prior to being plugged into Gigapixel, then what is happening? If Gigapixel is not creating data and Sony has less data, it must be how Gigapixel handles the file. Perhaps the software is optimized for the Sony file somehow? More sharpening?

if you read Jim's blog article that he linked to, he offers a likely explanation.

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