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Re: No reasonable workflow and environmentally bad

This isn't a site for animal ethics... Whatever my position is, I won't entertain it here. This particular forum is a forum for discussing medium format including film, digital backs and digital cameras. I'll give you a hint though:

it costs 6/10th of nothing to shoot medium format film... About $3 to $4 if you get someone to develop it for you a shot. The real cost can be considered an incidental like buying a cup of coffee at a good cafe and the results are still better than what most can achieve with a $3000+ AUD DSLR and that's before you look at the cost of a lens to replace a 22mm Biotar.

Not a Sony Zeiss either but a copy of a Zeiss lens, made by Zeiss themselves, in a lens array they don't even really make anymore, which kinda makes the glass irreplaceable and you begin to see the problems with your logic... Apart from the facts that even on a medium format camera with a 645 sensor you would be looking at 25mm not 50mm and I'm pretty sure Fuji doesn't even make a lens that wide yet, and won't make a wide angle for some time.

You could get one for a Sony E mount camera, but then you lose the sharpness factor when you have to consider the size of a 6x9 film plate which is what I predominately shoot.

So let talk about those semantics...

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