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Re: GFX 100 vs a7RIV landscape IQ

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

The Davinator wrote:

You were saying?

No, the 39mp backs came no where near 4x5. My 4x5 Provia and Ektar far, far outresolve my Fuji 50r.


I referred to that article myself and I am quiet familiar with it. Just to ask, why don't you read the whole article?

Most of the samples you show are taken trough a microscope. The CMS20 is a black and white film needing an exclusive developer and i think it is rated around 12 ISO or so.

The Mamiya 7 has some exceptionally good lenses, most MF lenses don't play in that division.

Tim Parkin has a couple of drum scanners and at least one of them can go to 10000 PPI. But 10000 PPI on a drum scanner is not a typical resolution for drum scanning.

To get a drum scan at that resolution, you need to send your original to another country, have it wet mounted to a drum, have it cleaned oil and sent back.
Folks like Tim Parkin offer that service at reasonable prices. I am quite impressed. But, how do you know the transparency you send in for scanning is critically sharp?
I have a Peak loupe, something like 15X, and that is absolutely worthless for selecting sharp images. You need a microscope for that. I had the great pleasure of having a Zeiss microscope at my disposal once upon the time, so I looked at my slides at 100X to 400X magnification. Two out of 400 were actually sharp.

I also have a 5k$US slide projector for 6x7 transparencies. It is absolutely useless for finding sharp images.
I also happen to have a 3200 PPI CCD scanner, that also can scan a 135 proportion of a 120 slide at 4800 PPI.
Also, I did some drum scans at 6000 PPI.

But essentially, nothing that I have ever achieved indicates that there is a substantial advantage to using film. And please keep in mind that I have been involved with this for like 25 years!

Best regards


So you don't agree with the science of MTF charts and you prefer to come to your own conclusions that support your own views. This is human fallibility in action. In technical terms its called...

Confirmation bias

If you're prepared to actually look at the history books, Mamiya got to where it was by copying and then exacting Schneider and Zeiss optical designs. Their rangefinders were copies of military-grade European rangefinders...

They not only made copies but they improved upon them which is why the Mamiya 7 is still regarded as one of the best rangefinders ever made.

Most Mamiya lenses are actually excellent, rather than good... And I have it on the authority of the types of people I actually know who are trained to rebuild the things and have been working on the tools for more than 50 years now.

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