Might be a great compromise...

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Re: Might be a great compromise...

gipper51 wrote:

If size, weight, and price are a priority, would this lens do any better than say, a 10-18 on a crop body? Second hand the 10-18 fetches about $160 these days, and is much wider with decent corners. Plus many body options available that are smaller than anything FF.

I've usually been let down by old, cheap zooms on FF, and I've tried several. Seems almost all of them had centering issues somewhere in the range. Makes sense, given the manufacturing tolerances of the era and that most were used on consumer film SLRs for making 4x6 drug store prints. Nobody saw the flaws back then. The Canon 28-135 IS was the one pleasant surprise for me, but I ended up shooting it very little. My 18-135 STM is a better lens (and smaller), with more range to boot.

Just my opinion, but I'd say most are better off with a crop body and second hand EF-S lenses like the 10-18, 18-135 STM and 55-250 STM than a FF body and 90s era non-L zooms. A bit of patience you could score all three for very little coin. Old zooms can be fun to play with, but unless you enjoy trying semi-vintage lenses and looking for the occasional gem, from a practical standpoint the option above is probably better for most.

Well, if one has a modern crop body then, yes, I'm definitely prepared to entertain the notion that you could do better for not much more cash. 
I don't have a modern crop body on which to test the theory, don't necessarily want to buy and carry one to get a 10-18mm, and my 20-35 actually doesn't seem to be decentred...yes, at any focal length! I guess I must have lucked out and got one that was built for slide-film shooters?

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