Canon RF 70-200 F2.8 L IS Lens now shipping in the UK

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Re: Canon RF 70-200 F2.8 L IS Lens now shipping in the UK

Colin46 wrote:

shawnphoto wrote:

Colin46 wrote:

Lens arrived but it was dark when I got home so couldn’t really try it out.

really small, it’s amazing.

im going to leave the lens collar in the box as, personally, I don’t think it’s needed, my 28-70 is alot heavier and hasn’t a collar. Fits in my camera bag end on so doesn’t take up much space. The hood looks really large on the lens, but should provide a lot of protection and shielding.

feels really well made, zoom and focus rings really well damped

no play in the extended barrel when zoomed to 200

the minimum focus distance of 700mm (down from 1200) should be really useful.

doesn't appear to be any focus breathing so 200mm is really 200mm.

got some work to do at the weekend but hopefully can get out and give it a try.

someone else might have posted their findings before then, but I will report back.

Sounds good! Is there a chart or something you're using to test for focus breathing?

No, but you can see it quite clearly shooting video.

Canon have started to design this into quite a few of their new RF lenses like the new 24-70 and the 24-105.

The lens also appears to be a true 200mm lens at minimum focus distance which is great, not all 70-200's have been like that, my old Nikon 70-200 F2.8 VR (the mark 2 version) was actually a 135mm at 200mm (minimum focus distance).

I use to have the Nikon VR Mark ll version and love the images out of it so if it matches or is better than that and without focus breathing I would be very happy.

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