What camera settings do you set?

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Re: What camera settings do you set?

GivenToFly wrote:

Hey, all!! I would be interested in knowing what camera settings do you set manually. I'm thinking of this question in terms of two categories. First, which settings do you manually set, while shooting, periodically? I'm randomly defining "periodically" as at least 10% of the time. Obviously, that 10% threshold is meant just as a rough guide; I don't expect anyone to know exactly what percentage of the time do they set shutter speed. So examples of settings that you might set periodically would be aperture, ISO, or shutter speed. Anything else? (If you set picture settings, just saying picture settings in general without naming the specific ones would be very helpful to know.)

Most of my settings are driven by purpose, subject, location, and lighting. With those in mind ISO, Aperture, shutter speed, and EV are always subject to adjustment.

My basic shooting set up when out in daylight looking for targets of opportunity is to keep things simple:

ISO: One of three Auto ISO settings, but usually 160-1600 Min Shutter Speed Auto.

Aperture: I am usually an Aperture Priority shooter so that is going to be variable.

Shutter Speed: Usually A (Auto), or T when needed for Command Dial adjustment.

EV: Variable, location & lighting environment dependent

Film Sim: Where ever my mood takes me, typically Provia, Acros, C-Chrome, Pro Neg Std, and occasionally I will shoot a sim bracket with three options.

For full manual, everything is up for grabs.

The second category of settings would be something you set once and never go to again, or almost never go to again, and typically wouldn't change during actual shooting. So even if you select a setting to auto when you first took the camera out of the box, that would fall into this category. Examples here could be slowest shutter speed or highest ISO.

The things I set once, and never go to again are RAW+JPEG Fine, L(3:2), my particular Fn button set up, and the custom "My Menu".

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