What camera settings do you set?

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Re: What camera settings do you set?

Here are some comments about my settings, but I would not expect them to all appeal to you, not knowing your preferences.

1. Any touch-screen functionality is turned off.

2. Always save Raw+JPG.

3. SRGB color format (not Adobe).  I experimented with Adobe for a while, and it can be interesting but I've settled on SRGB.

4. Manual focus highlighting color red, strength depends on lens used and can be either low or high. But, I usually use manual non-electronic lenses not made by Fuji. If you use autofocus all the time, you wouldn't care about this.

5. Noise suppression set to minimum (-4 in X-T3). I like clarity and noise doesn't bother me. Noise suppression will reduce clarity at high ISO.

6. I like a little bit of grain in my JPGs, makes me less fanatical about sharpness (or noise, if noise bothers you), and more easily satisfied with my shots as I chimp. This grain disappears when opening raws.

7. The film sims and color, shadow, sharpness, and highlight settings affect the way the raw image looks when opened on the computer. I'm still fine tuning my preferences here. Monochrome helps me concentrate on composition, Color helps me when composition is secondary. All a matter of preference though.

8. Focus assist light is always turned off. Too distracting for bystanders.

9. Camera noises such as focus confirmation beeps are all set to minimum volume. My only exception to this is the shutter timer, if I ever need it. Again, done to reduce distraction for bystanders.

10. (not a setting) I try to use the fastest SD card I can easily afford. Smaller storage size is OK. For example I could get speed affordably but not size, so I chose 32GB cards. This is great for shooting, and I usually empty the cards after a session.

11. (not a setting) Batteries last longer if discharged then charged, rather than being topped off every day. So, I carry a spare battery and then charge the depleted one later.

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