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Rich Z
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Re: New Lens

I was going to wait to buy a 12 200 used, Andrew.  Currently, a good used one from a seller I would trust is $100 more than I paid.  I was also considering a M1.2 used,  currently $200 more than a new one from E infin.  Your opinion on M1.2 v M1X made me reevaluate.  For the last 25 years I have not bought anything on credit.  The Kia is the exception, but that was a must have as my trusty old Toyota pickemup was dying of old age and was having expensive failures.  I had to install a new radiator a few years ago during the six months between surgeries and it took me a week.  The labor to have it done was three times the price of the radiator!  Now, getting down to check the tires is too painful to the gut.  I found a loading ramp I can drive up on and check the tires without the four painful crouches.  Anyhow, if I bought The X I'd have to use credit or wait too long to save the cash.  As I said, I really don't need a new camera, but if I found myself on my death's bed with a couple grand in the bank I would find the energy to get out of bed and kick myself.  My Dad taught me that money is to be enjoyed, not to be hoarded and loved for itself alone.  I just want to get rid of the clutter from the damned money which accumulates like dust on the windowsill and a new toys will do the job.

The Clydeside joke was aimed at Dave.  It just popped into my head as was writing and I thought it would make him laugh.  I was referring to hangovers in Glasgow.    Rich

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