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Re: New Lens

The full frame would likely be good, but it would not be affordable with a 70 - 200 mm f/2.8 lens likely.  The new Canon lens looks good but it is $3500 cdn funds.  Add that to a $4000 body and it starts to get really expensive in a hurry.  More than I want to spend to take hockey images for sure.  The 40 - 150 mm f/2.8 pro Olympus lens might be an improvement for this type of shooting as it focuses faster.  I am losing images when I try to shoot where the focus is not on the goalie.  I am going to have to have a close look at the images I took with the 45 mm f/1.2 to see if I have better results when the focus point changes.  I tend to lock the focus on the goalie then wait for something to happen and release the shutter.  SAF so no CAF.  I did try CAF but the camera has no idea which player to follow.  Hockey is too crowded with players going this way and that for the camera to lock onto a single player and stay with that player.  It doesn't work.  The old 50 - 200 images are just fine for sharpness but the focus could be faster at locking on.  The new lenses may or may not do a better job.  A nice used 40 - 150 pro might be something to try.  I need to set up a myset for hockey images and stop using both card slots and just shoot with one fast card, large sf jpgs.  I currently have a card in each slot and shoot raw to card 1 and the jpg to card 2.  I suspect that puts a bit of a drain on the processing and that it may have an impact on shooting if the camera is still writing the previous burst.  Sometimes it does not seem as responsive as usual but I may be imagining things.

I had tried to look up your reference to Clydeside Eyes on Sunday morning but came up empty.  I did learn some things about Clydeside though.


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