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Re: I Do Not Accept That Talking Point...

Greg7579 wrote:

Hiphopapotamus wrote:

… the GFX-100 is only nominally out resolving the latest Sony/Nikon cameras and lenses.

I'm having difficulty with this statement. Am I alone in this concern? I'm not a scientist and I'm not a tester. I just shoot, and then look at what I shoot. I know what I see. My eyes are good. I've been shooting a long time with a lot of cameras and I know what I think I see.

I find it suspicious that when Fuji came out with GFX, there was a frenzy of press and FF-user opinion that high-res FF matched the GFX 50 sensor. Now the story has shifted to the GFX 100.

I personally do not believe this, which is my right. I can't prove it and neither can you.

But it is your right to believe it and say it, Hipo. I am not talking about you. I'm talking about this talking point that is used over and over and over.

I do not believe it. I do not accept it. I think it is a false narrative fake talking point.

But I could be wrong. I am not a scientist. I can't prove it and I could be wrong here.

Does anyone else agree with me or am I delusional?

If the constantly touted talking point is true, all 25 GFX 100 owners in the world should immediately dispose of their GFX 100 cameras because you are carrying around a lot of mass for nothing. We are fools. Or maybe we are not fools. We might just be delusional. Or maybe the talking point is nonsense.

You are not delusional.

I use, on an alternating basis, and in addition to my GFX100, a Panasonic S1r with Leica SL glass, as well as a Sony A7rIII with GM glass. Is there a visible difference in resolution and image quality? IMO, there is an absolute difference and it favors the GFX100. My feeling is that people who make those comparative statements do so to either justify their use of a different system and format, or as the result of pure envy, but that's my opinion. Just hop on over the Leica SL forum and read through the flowery accolades applied to the new SL2, who's images, IMO, aren't any more pleasing or of higher quality than those produced by the Panasonic S1r. Brand loyalty clearly plays a role in perception.

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