How Do I Measure Noise Using Photoshop? And What Is A Significant Change?

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Re: Off-topic Nerdy Dark Current Discussion

decaf14 wrote:

uhhh I think it's noise. Perhaps you meant it's not that significant? photons/time is much more important, but that doesn't change that dark current is an agreed upon metric for engineers to quantify phototransistor performance easily. Please see the two resources below.

"Electrons are created over time that are independent of the light falling on the detector. These electrons are captured by the CCD’s potential wells and counted as signal. Additionally, this increase in signal also carries a statistical fluctuation known as dark current noise."

If you have journal article access, check out this paper as well:

"Organic Photodiodes: The Future of Full Color Detection and Image Sensing" , Advanced Materials, 2016"

A quote: " the EQE and the dark current are the two primary parameters that influence secondary performance indicators such as the linear dynamic range (LDR) and specific detectivity (D*)."

That's a good resource but IMO they are careless to call that noise.

Variation implies up/down whereas dark current is an offset.

I think I could probably provide lots of cites that list noise sources and omit dark current.

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