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Re: GFX 100 vs a7RIV landscape IQ

The Davinator wrote:

You were saying?

No, the 39mp backs came no where near 4x5. My 4x5 Provia and Ektar far, far outresolve my Fuji 50r.


I referred to that article myself and I am quiet familiar with it. Just to ask, why don't you read the whole article?

Most of the samples you show are taken trough a microscope. The CMS20 is a black and white film needing an exclusive developer and i think it is rated around 12 ISO or so.

The Mamiya 7 has some exceptionally good lenses, most MF lenses don't play in that division.

Tim Parkin has a couple of drum scanners and at least one of them can go to 10000 PPI. But 10000 PPI on a drum scanner is not a typical resolution for drum scanning.

To get a drum scan at that resolution, you need to send your original to another country, have it wet mounted to a drum, have it cleaned oil and sent back.
Folks like Tim Parkin offer that service at reasonable prices. I am quite impressed. But, how do you know the transparency you send in for scanning is critically sharp?
I have a Peak loupe, something like 15X, and that is absolutely worthless for selecting sharp images. You need a microscope for that. I had the great pleasure of having a Zeiss microscope at my disposal once upon the time, so I looked at my slides at 100X to 400X magnification. Two out of 400 were actually sharp.

I also have a 5k$US slide projector for 6x7 transparencies. It is absolutely useless for finding sharp images.
I also happen to have a 3200 PPI CCD scanner, that also can scan a 135 proportion of a 120 slide at 4800 PPI. 
Also, I did some drum scans at 6000 PPI.

But essentially, nothing that I have ever achieved indicates that there is a substantial advantage to using film. And please keep in mind that I have been involved with this for like 25 years!

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