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Re: GFX 100 vs a7RIV landscape IQ

Hiphopapotamus wrote:

6x7, 6x8, 6x9 and panoramic cameras will still out resolve digital cameras in terms of lens resolution and MTF in relation to film plate size. You still haven't a hope to out resolve 4x5 let alone 8x10 with affordable digital cameras.

I have beside me Edward Burtynsky's recent book Essential Elements. It's a nice survey of his career.

When I read the last few posts in this thread about film versus digital, the book was open to a pair of pictures: on the left, Xiluodu Dam #8, 2011 (Hasselblad digital) and on the right Griffith Iron Ore Mine #1, 1983 (4x5 film).

Burtynsky is a meticulous and extremely experienced and successful artist-photographer. On top of that, he's long operated a good-sized drum scanning and processing company alongside his art work. In other words, here's a person who knows how to get the best from the medium he's using at every stage from capture to printing. As a bonus, you can actually compare his results side-by-side.

Both Xiluodu Dam #8 and Griffith Iron Ore Mine #1 are strong photographs. However, if you want to quibble about which photograph captures more fine detail, there is no comparison. Even in 2011, the digital picture made with a Hasselblad medium format back is leagues ahead of the drum-scanned 4x5 film picture.

This is not surprising to me because I used to shoot and scan 4x5 film, so I have a good understanding of the limitations of the medium. Film is a wonderful medium and remains totally relevant today. But in real-world photography, digital has long surpassed 4x5 film in the resolution and detail game.

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