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Re: GFX 100 vs a7RIV landscape IQ

Tom Ames wrote:

I'm sure with a lot of work, perfect film, perfect shooting conditions, perfect light, stellar tripod, a very expensive scanner you may be close to the GX100 in 1% of the shooting situations.

A GFX100 with pixel shift will probably not help you to see how far the digital sensors and equipment has come these days.


I would say that it is probable that 8"x10" film will surpass a 100 or 150 MP camera in detail, under optimal conditions.

Also, there are very high resolution B&W films that can yield very fine detail when combined with very good lenses. Mamiya 7 was a camera that used to have very good lenses.

Tim Parkin has a comparison with the Mamiya to Nikon D800E and Phase One IQ 180:

The other side of the coin is that Tim Parkin does (or did) drum scanning as a business. That is not saying he is partial, just that he has equipment and knowledge most of us don't have.

Of course, there is color negative film, like Kodak's Ektar 100. Color negative film covers a huge dynamic range and foremost, it saturates nicely. But that does not mean it is easy to scan.

Back in 2006, when the Phase One P45 arrived, many photographers have switched from 4"x5" to to P45. The P45 is a 39 MP digital back. I actually happen to own one of those.

I guess that the guys switching from 4"x5" to 39 MP digital made that choice because it was good enough.

But, it may be that they have not wrangled the last bit out of 4"x5". A test I have seen, they made drum scans at 2000 PPI, but higher resolutions are available on drum.

Here are some scans from a 67 Velvia, best viewed life size, link below.

Here is a calculation of MP equivalence for 24x36 Velvia, based on MTF data from Fujifil combined with MTF for Zeiss Otus.

Here I calculate 17 MP for that combination. My experience from 6x7 cm Velvia scans is that I would think it corresponds to around 24 MP 24x36. But it is hard to know exactly.

My experience is mostly scanning transparency. But I did not get great results from negative, the few times I tried.

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