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Re: GFX 100 vs a7RIV landscape IQ

Hiphopapotamus wrote:

This is very well known and we have known it for decades, there's no real difference between 645 and 35mm for a sizable sensor difference you would need a sensor the size of 6x7 film plate.

6x7, 6x8, 6x9 and panoramic cameras will still out resolve digital cameras in terms of lens resolution and MTF in relation to film plate size. You still haven't a hope to out resolve 4x5 let alone 8x10 with affordable digital cameras.

You will need DSLRs with 80 meg and 100megapixel sensors before you reach the resolution you can get out of 6x7 and 6x9 respectively, and lenses about two to three times as sharp before you come close to resolving what you can with roll film...

In laymans terms we're nowhere near that yet at this rate given the price of affordable digital 645 cameras and the GFX-100 is only nominally out resolving the latest Sony/Nikon cameras and lenses.

While development accelerates it may well be another 10-20 years before we get there with affordable cameras that can out resolve film. It's like the 10megapixel 1D back in the early 2000s. Just because we reached a point where it's "good enough," good enough doesn't mean acceptable or affordable for everyone.

In other words, don't hold your breath... and in the mean time actually a lot of people have learned their mistake from selling all their film gear and gone back and bought a Blad 500 or an RB67 some with and some without a digital back.

Some like me even went back and bought a 35mm SLR...

Technology has caught up in a lot of ways... Ektar 100 will hold 13 stops of light differentiation. New affordable scanners are in the sub $1000 category that will get you 4800dpi and capture most of that light...

Yes, there's grain... deal with it.

I'm sure with a lot of work, perfect film, perfect shooting conditions, perfect light, stellar tripod, a very expensive scanner you may be close to the GX100 in 1% of the shooting situations.

A GFX100 with pixel shift will probably not help you to see how far the digital  sensors and equipment has come these days.

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