What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

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Re: What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

Magic777 wrote:

. . . X-E3 with 18-55 m lens cost $999 at B&H while X-T30 with same lens cost $1300 (and can be find on Amazon for $1200).

. . . it is worth to pay more $200 or $300 to get recent generation sensor and better specifications (at least on the paper)?


The conclusion of that comparative review:

Back when the X-E3 and X-T20 were the flagship models in Fujifilm’s enthusiast line-up, the choice was easy. All you had to do was decide whether you preferred the flat-top or SLR look, or if you wanted a tilting screen, and you were set. All the other specifications were more or less identical.

Now that the X-T30 has arrived, things have become a little more complex. It is no longer just a question of design preference, but also of the kind of specifications you need to achieve your image-making goals.

For example, if you are really into sports and wildlife, there is no question that the X-T30 has more to offer in terms of continuous burst speeds, fluidity of the live view, and extra features such as the Sports Finder mode. Likewise if you are serious about video, you may find F-Log, the ETERNA film simulation mode and 4:2:2 10-bit colour depth via HDMI quite appealing.

If you don’t care about any of these genres, the X-E3 is still an excellent choice as far as image quality, speed and performance are concerned, and it comes at a more affordable price too.

Because what you decide to buy will likely be your only camera for the next year or two, I recommend that you consider the X-T30 if the extra $200-300 can be handled easily.

That relatively small amount of extra money will provide you with peace of mind. You won't second-guess your decision, wondering if you might be missing out on some advanced features that could help improve your photography.

To be honest, the OOC JPG image quality remains excellent from the last generation to the current generation.

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