A7iii - EVF for shooting, LCD for viewing - is there a way?

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Re: A7iii - EVF for shooting, LCD for viewing - is there a way?

david Gabriel Ross wrote:

XMN wrote:

david Gabriel Ross wrote:

Hi guys.
Just made the switch from Fuji to the Sony A7iii and I'm super happy.

There is just one simple thing that I can't figure out:

I would like to use only the EVF for shooting. But I do want to see the images when pressing the display (play) button on the LCD, but there is not apparent way to do so.

I found a way to assign a toggle between the two in the menu and assigned a custom btn for it, but still - whenever I turn on the camera the LCD will turn on - annoying!

I also found an option to use only the EVF but that mean that also image display is showing there and not on the LCD...

I know it's probably just laying in from of my face but I can't find it...

Anyone can help?

Thanks in advance,

Set: "FINDER/MONITOR" to auto (tab2, page 6)

This way it only activates the EVF when your eye is close. When not, it deactivates the EVF and activates the LCD, then:

Set: On the wheel, press up (DISP) several times until the LCD goes dark.

This way you have the LCD active but dark. Any time you press menu or any button (review button) it lights up with the options or the image. If you turn off the camera and on again the LCD remains dark.

Thanks VXM for your quick replay!
I tried your solution but pressing DISP just toggles different info displays but not getting to a dark screen...
Do you know if there's another menu setting for that I might be missing?


The DISP toggles to a dark screen, but you have to enable it in the menu:

Set: "DISP Button" (it´s right above the previously mentioned "FINDER/MONITOR"), then "Monitor" there you enable the option "Monitor OFF"

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