What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

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Re: What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

AshleyMC wrote:

Magic777 wrote:

I would like to add that your photos from Ukrainian Festival are very nice. This is exactly type of JPEGs I would like to get SOOC. You used a X-Pro2!

You seem to say that all the nice qualities of an image come from the camera, and the more expensive the camera, the better quality the images.

It was better to say that you have used very good combination of X-Pro2 and 90 mm lens which I can't afford now - I still will keep my Nikon bodies and lenses

That is not true.

Speaking of SOOC JPEG, the X-Pro2 uses the same processor and firmware algorithms as the other Fujifilm X cameras of the same generation, nothing uniquely special.

Good point, thanks!

In decreasing order of importance: the scene (the light and the subject), the lens, the camera body. On top of those: the experience and taste of the photographer.

Being in this hobby for more than 30 years (at least)  I know what you are talking about:)

Still I have a question -why some people complain about X-T100 AF- even DP in their review.

Because they use the cameras superficially and with certain biases. In some cases, I find that they don't know what they talk about.

Don't take reviews too seriously. Some reviews are much better than others.

Understood ! :)). Thank you very much!

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