Shutter count when you received your refurbished D750?

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Re: Shutter count when you received your refurbished D750?

I dont know but mine came in a white box with the nikon sticker on everything including the one they put with serial number saying it was factory checked and it did not have any sign of being returned so it looked like it was nikon checked. I know some people have a completely different experience. Refurbished units can sometimes come in all kinds of conditions as I once ordered a canon 17-40 f4 lens and the first one had a chipped lens mount and was looking rough and the second one I ordered looked brand new with no issues. I am sure plenty of d750 refurbs are fine. I just got unlucky I guess. I am glad I bought the new one (kit with 24-120 f4) and now waiting till next week (black friday) to pickup a second one. I paid $1049 for the first refurbished but at that time new was $1400 or something along that line. Now they are $1199 in the us and soon to be $999 on black friday so I made the right decision I think.

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