How to see all stars & other small details on pics?

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Re: How to see all stars & other small details on pics?

First post from a new members - most likely a hoax, but might be wrong...

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Have an astromodded Canon 6D - a highly acclaimed astronomy camera.

Have an unmodded Sony A7III (which has a worse star eater issue than the A7RIV)

And guess what:

The Canon recordi a bit more Ha light, after all it is modded to do that.

Both cameras record about the same limiting magnitude using the same lens and the same exposure under identical conditions!

Some very faint stars turn greenish with the A7III, but only very faint stars. This is obviously a result of how RGGB data passing the Bayer matrix is processed.

Some of the very faintest stars disappear but those stars are close to the detection treshold anyway and should not be vital for any amateur astronomy image anyway.

Professionals and serious amateurs stay away from ordinary digital cameras when doing spectroscopic and photometrically work - then other tools are needed.

Yes - the star eater issue is real, but the impact is far less than most imagine.

Sony A7III image:

Even my astromodded Canon 6D did NOT capture the stars missing here...

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