fastest way to offload pics from sd card to ssd WITHOUT LAPTOP

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Rexgig0 wrote:

barbara j wrote:

pocoloco wrote:

I use my phone.

- using a cardreader I copy images from the card to my phone (A Samsung S9 with 256GB internal storage)

- then I backup / copy from my phone to an SSD (a sandisk waterproof ssd)

This way I always have 2 backups on my images, that I can store in different locations during the day (theft / loss prevention).

I can even edit them on my phone (raw images) for some quick Insta posts or creating a postcard to send to family / friends.

The reason i don’t use my phone for storage is it is the item i most hear about getting lost while traveling. Or stolen. Or dropped into the toilet. Here in SF thieves are not yanking them out of people’s hands as much as they used to, but phones are very vulnerable.

I very much agree with your words of wisdom. I took so very many theft and robbery reports from complainants who have had their mobile phones lost or stolen. With their phones, they have lost their communication, navigation, camera, image storage, planning, memory*, personal history, and so much else, including, in some cases, their ability to buy anything, if they were using something like Apple Pay.

I have watched surveillance videos, showing thieves very stealthily stealing unattended or loosely-minded mobile phones and mobile devices.

Thieves are after easy targets. How often do I see smartphones stuffed into a pant's backpocket, often enough so large that they are plainly visible ... that is a crying invitation "Take me!" to pickpockets. And that goes for a lot of other stuff where people are completely oblivious to potential thievery hazards. So far, of all the cases where I heard of stuff being stolen were cases where access was kind of made easy for thieves.

Now, that doesn't exclude more sophisticated pickpocketing or even robbery (with force), which is happening now and then. But that also means higher risk for the thieves, so they only do that if it can be pulled in a safe (for them) manner, and often involves more persons, so the reward must be worth it (it is a business in the end). So they tend to pick the easy targets.

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