fastest way to offload pics from sd card to ssd WITHOUT LAPTOP

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Re: fastest way to offload pics from sd card to ssd WITHOUT LAPTOP

Parisian wrote:

Those who replied JUST using SD cards probably have not done a full week of shoot+filming before. For me, it can sometimes come up to 1TB of data PER DAY, so taking SD cards is definitely a no-go.

Considering you create like 1TB of data per day, even with 100MB/s transfer speeds you will need almost 3 hours to transfer that data, potentially from multiple source media because of storage size limitations, so you cannot leave it unsupervised. Which means 3 hours on top of the hours you already spent each day for shooting.

Which, consequently, means you are in the business of really high transfer speeds, and, resulting from this, quite some power draw, because you need some wattage to actually be able to access full speed on for example SSD media. Also, you will want to have access to the high speed interfaces like PCI-E, SATA etc., which smartphones normally don't provide, even if the SoCs they use carry such components in them, and in theory, would be up to the task.

That leaves notebooks, where you can use higher capacity SSDs and may have USB3 which actually does provide high transfer speeds, plus a fast card reader, either as part of the notebook, or via USB3 then.

The key point here is power draw, and mobile equipment is normally optimized towards keeping that low, sacrificing speed and other things for it, on purpose. Read: You will have to die one death. You can only try to optimize it towards making it less painful.

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