How to see all stars & other small details on pics?

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Re: How to see all stars & other small details on pics?

Thomas1975 wrote:

I´m in trouble with my 7RIV.

It cleans a lot of stars, when I take night shots. Also, photographing colourful patterns with a lot of small details, my camera "swallows" details.

I´ve used different lenses, so this is no lens problem. The previuos published "star eater phenomenon" should´nt be existing with the 7RIV, Sony service told me.

I´ve switched off all picture improving things.

Anyone some tipp for me?


I don't know that any Sony eats any stars since A7iii. What it mainly seems to do now is turn faint stars that are pinpoints, green.

I use an A7riii often for nightscapes. Its still very capable. But I prefer the EOS R Canon because despite a bit more noise which goes with stacking, the star colours are a lot better than with the Sony.

But using 4X pixel shift and a tracker with LENR turned. HI ISO NR turned off, IBIS off, uncompressed RAW and manual focus with auto white balance I get more colour.

Star colour is very vulnerable to overexposure. If you are getting all white stars then turn the ISO down and boost in post until you have stable star colour.

The theory was A7riv may be less effect of the star eater because there are more pixels per star now with 61mp (50% more than A7riii). Whether that is true would have to be confirmed.

The main issue with A7riv is the extra noise but handled by taking several shots and stacking them same as with any camera.

As far as small details in daylight shots, I have never seen that. There are plenty of posts about the need to use faster shutter speeds with the A7riv so perhaps that is your issue.

Post some photos so we see this post is genuine.


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