Is the Pentax model really important?

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Re: Is the Pentax model really important?

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In addition I personally believe that 24mp was the cornerstone of the market. Just like nothing important happened in the film market in the 1990's nothing important has happened in the DSLR market since 2013 when Pentax started to use the 24mp APS-C sensor.

The growth in MP's has stopped.

Has it? What are Canon APSC 32 MP and Sony a7r iv 61 MP full frame or Fuji 102 MP MF 44x33mm (twice as much as 645Z for same sensor size) then?

Now camera manufacturers try to make improvements by introducing pixel shift, etc.

In the computer world a similar thing took place some years ago. Some 20 years ago you had to buy a new computer every three years.

Really? I don't remember that rule either. Your 7 year old computer is a snail compared to today's stuff. I just built one a few months ago, a rocketship that eats Lightroom and can do virtual reality, how is VR on your computer?

Maybe so, but my Millennium Falcon equivalent Dell Precision M4600 with i7-2760QM and Nvidia Q2000 is still plenty good enough for my tasks. Of course today's cpu's are faster, but for everyday tasks I don't experience any issue.

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