On Oly Imaging alternate futures, choices, and photography

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On Oly Imaging alternate futures, choices, and photography

So a little digression first - about he latest Olympus Imaging commentary, a little bird that I find reliable told me that just as the 43rds rumor site reported, the whole comment on "maybe selling" is more to appease some western investors in the company, while maybe signaling to a particular company that if it came to that, the option for sale is up.

Even so to be clear: may be selling is different from selling right now. i.e. "We could sell" is different form "We are actively selling and looking for buyers."  So if all true only the first option is what goes at the moment.


Going back to what I wanted to share about my choices in the context of possible alternate futures for Olympus Imaging- I can't deny the latest comments gave me pause for a moment for my EM5.3 pre-order.  $1,200 USD-> use them somewhere else, etc.

But in the end what I concluded- and maybe this way of thinking may help someone else thus I share it - is that the EM5.3 is at the moment the camera that matches what I want to use and do for photography, and I have a selection of m43rds and 4/3rds lenses already.

I have clear reason for the update- maybe I 50%+ do street night life, and I definitively could use a camera that can react faster/focus better in lower light.  IBIS is bonus.

If the worst came to pass for Oly Imaging, it will still take a while to do the whole sale/whatever will happen to the sub-company,  and probably another 2-3 years at least for service/other items to vanish. Basically at least something in the order of 3-4 years to pass before - in one of the worst cases which is not even the most likely at the moment-  I would have to look to another brand and photography tool.

Just like I don't like buying camera models in the hope and promises of firmware upgrades at the moment of purchase, I don't want to then not buy something/buy something else because some alternate future may happen- and may even most likely not- and end up with another good photographic tool that while good, is not the one I think is the best match in present time, today, now, for me and the work I want to do.

So I decided to keep my pre-order, hopefully I'll pick it up tomorrow late afternoon.  I am winding down from buying camera bodies, keep out the GAS addiction and focus more on photography.

Given how I have purchased equipment, that I would buy something else in 3-4 years isn't a shocking decision. I would imagine those that can only buy once in a very long while may have to maybe think a bit further and even then- you can def. take excellent photographs with what's out there already.

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