Why aren't ML cameras COMPLETELY customizable/skinnable?

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Why aren't ML cameras COMPLETELY customizable/skinnable?

I have heard many comments from people saying that DSLRs feel like real cameras while ML cameras feel like electronic gadgets. May be, but that is not be a bad thing. You can make any electronics device feel like something real (look at all the PS3 and XBOX attachments).

One advantage of an electronic device is the ability to customize. Many software companies develop "skins" which give a completely different look to an operating system, while the underlying functionality being the same.

Why can't that happen to a ML camera?

Sigma and Tamron have the USB dock to adjust various settings and save it back to the lens. Similarly, the ML camera can have a Windows/Mac application to allow customization of how the camera UI looks. They can allow infinite ways to change the menu look, button assignment, touchscreen appearance, its behavior, etc.

That way, brand preference won't matter. I can own three different cameras and have their UI preferences set the same way. The complaints about many cameras that the menus are impossible to use, or that it is hard to enable AF Tracking, will all go away.


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