Is the Pentax model really important?

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Re: Is the Pentax model really important?

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In addition I personally believe that 24mp was the cornerstone of the market. Just like nothing important happened in the film market in the 1990's nothing important has happened in the DSLR market since 2013 when Pentax started to use the 24mp APS-C sensor.

The growth in MP's has stopped. Now camera manufacturers try to make improvements by introducing pixel shift, etc.

In the computer world a similar thing took place some years ago. Some 20 years ago you had to buy a new computer every three years. Personally I have used my present computer for some 7 years and it still works allright. A new computer will work faster, not because it has more RAM memory, but because it works more effeciently with it.

Spot on!! The "processing" power has not improved much in last 10 years--- the key improvement is that newer CPU's use less energy (watts) and in turn dissipate less energy (heat).

Watt? Excuse the pun 😂 The difference is gigantic, compare a 10 year old top rank desktop CPU with one from today. Frequency and Moore's law levelled off relativeky speaking so then the development of multi-cores, threads, bus speeds and more were brought in.

Try post processing a modern big file on a 10 year old PC... No thank you! Especially heavy post processing.

Compare the difference in CPU performance by benchmarks and consider price as well. GPU is another apect and yes that has improved a lot because more and more graphic intensive interfaces and applications are in use today. My old and dead10 year old laptop had Intel Core i7-2630QM. It was bought for about 1000GBP 10 years ago (lasted 5-6 years). Compare its CPU performance against today's laptops for similar price and you will note that there is hardly any improvement in raw processing power/dime GPU is another story though.

Your CPU is 8 years old at most,

Could very well be .. I thought it was older:-)

came out in 2011, a quick CPU comparison to a £1000 laptop and a 2018 release CPU reveals a performance of less than 1/2.

Good demonstration. I7-8750H is one of the highest in CPU Mark/Price ratio, so clever selection of CPU With this example, I stand corrected that itIS possible to get double CPU power in a comparison between two similarly priced CPU's --eight years apart in time.

Then you have all the other faster components as well which working together really makes a night vs day comparison. I have DDR4 3200 MHz RAM and NVMe M.2 SSD drive (a small card that slots into the back of the motherboard) hence the rocketship performance.

All this with far less electricity and almost complete silence as the fans only spin on high demand, Lightroom doesn't make any of the fans spin (except CPU) at any time, the PSU fan doesn't come on meaning it is below 100W usage whilst in the development module in LR. Only fan that spins is the CPU as it is the AMD stock cooler and I haven't put a semi passive one on yet. The GTX 1060 GPU fans don't spin in LR either, it's great as PC noise stressed me out for 20 years.

You don't need to spend that much, AMD have great CPU and onboard GPU chips far better than Intel and cheap. A very cheap and fast photo editing computer can be built this way inside a really small enclosure, the days of ugly noisy towers are long gone although gaming extremists still use them for over clocking with water etc... Completely unnecessary for photo editing though 😉

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