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B&H Cancels Its Return Policy

It's the end of a long relationship.

I am sure the part of the relationship that B&H approved of was the tens of thousands of dollars I spent there in the last few years (Nikon, Fuji, Sony, and their lens systems) and the countless good deals their trade-in department made from me.

But beware that once your "rate of return" exceeds a certain threshold, they will tell you that their return policy is null and void just for you. At that point every sale requires a manager to tell you that you are buying without the right to return - for any reason.

There are lot of people that love this store, and I was one of them. Then again, people like to hate, especially in this forum, so it may be pointless but - believe me when I was warned my rate had crept up, I figured I would slow down.

I fully understand the concept of "return fraud". I was not, and never have conducted "return fraud". I never knowingly bought something to use it for the weekend and return it on Monday. Perhaps there are plenty of people that do do this. Not me.

But slowing down is not enough. From that point on, even if they remove this restriction from your account (as many a shrewd manager wisely decided to do looking at my sales history) then on the first thing you have to return, they throw the restriction back on.

It actually is not reasonable. There are items that they do not have on display, that you have to buy blind. There are items that experience copy quality variation. I also buy used items and they themselves have no idea of their actual condition.

And I never once asked for a check or money back. I always took store credit and spent even more before I left the store.

But it would appear that once you cross a certain threshold with them. They don't want your business anymore.

Very well then, I guess I will be shopping at the A's.

Everyone, haters and sympathizers, and especially the employees that hang around, go ahead and have your last words on this. I won't be replying.

Goodnight, and goodbye.

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