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MedicineMan999 wrote:

Hey thanks Simon. You know it was until recent years that select few zooms could match wit with primes. The FE12-24G is certainly one of them I've read at FredMiranda by Fred himself. Honestly I don't have any primo GM primes (well just remembered the FE 24/1.4) but on my most recent month in Alaska I only took the Tam 17-28 and 28-75. I operate under the 'close enough/good enough' approach to life and I understand many do not (the supreme pixel peeper). Each their own. I'll take a compromise in IQ that few would ever notice and less pack weight any day.

In the world of vintage lenses which I inhabit most of the time, the majority of zoom lenses just aren't good enough in my experience. There are exceptions; the humble (and relatively small) Minolta MD 35-70 f3.5 rarely fails to impress, enough so that I feel it may not be worth upgrading to the Tamron 28-75, at least for now. Auto focus alone is not enough of a draw for meĀ 

I've tried a few vintage ultra wide primes and found them mostly disappointing, although they have tended to be from the cheaper end of the market. Whilst I enjoy using primes most of the time, I've found them to be very limiting at the wider end (a bit niche if you know what I mean!?) so I'm looking forward to using a wide lens that offers a bit more versatility and convenience. Not really expecting IQ to rival the best primes. My widest lens is currently 24mm so I'm hoping the Tamron 17-28 will add something new and different to the mix.

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