X-T3 or X-H1 and which first lens(es)?

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X-T3 or X-H1 and which first lens(es)?

In short, I have been a m4/3 user for the last 5-6 years now, but for A or B reasons I am thinking of slowly building a second system at the side by selling less-used m4/3 (and some leftover Nikon F) lenses. After lots of thought, I was about "lock" into a Canon EOS R, but I really could not get past the weight and size. Especially, as I no longer do events photography as a side job to justify the extra costs and weight. Hence, I decided to go with Fuji. Ironically, when I first bought into m4/3, it was either a Fuji X-PRO1 or an Olympus E-M5. The X-PRO1 was sooo slow and unresponsive that left a very bad taste to my mouth about Fuji until recently. What I noticed is that with each iteration, Fuji appears to be listening to consumers. To be honest, the X-H1 was probably the first Fuji camera that turned my head and made me reconsider my views about the X line.

Anyway, my goal is to get with a small walkaround/travel kit, as I travel a lot and do urban architecture (particularly churches), street, etc. I will be using the kit also for astrophotography ---I live in northern Sweden, where auroras are a possibility. I will keep part of my m4/3 gear, mainly for its telephotos and my beloved Olympus 75mm f/1.8. Eventually, I may migrate completely to the Fuji system. Note, I do not print photos myself, but submit them to FIAP competitions where the judges, nowadays at least, tend to use 4K monitors.

While my first thought was to get the X-T3, my local camera shop runs an offer on the X-H1: you can pick it up with its grip and two extra batteries for ~300euros less than the X-T3. Moreover, I have been spoiled by Olympus' IBIS system and while I know it is not useful for everything, I often found myself in need of it. Hence, albeit the extra weight and slightly older model, I am considering the X-H1. I have tried both at my local store and found the X-H1 slightly slower to focus (but could also be the lens used) and in general to use. I did like the X-H1's grip more, but found the X-T3 an overall more comfortable camera to use with a small prime (if that makes sense). I also worry that the X-H1 will be replaced in 2020 and that there aren't any major FW on their way, unlike the X-T3. Any thoughts?

Which lenses should I pick up for an "everyday" kit? I was thinking of the Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8, as I keep reading how it is a "bag of primes" and my Olympus 12-40mm has been my main workhorse. Maybe, around Christmas, I could add a cheap prime to the bag too.

My other option is to go with 2-3 primes, probably a must if I go with the X-T3 route due to the lack of IBIS. If so, which ones do you actually recommend? I am confused as the f/1.4 primes, unlike the f/2 ones, are not WR and I keep reading how slow they are.

I am sorry for what turned out to be not a short message. However, I will appreciate any feedback given. Thanks in advance!

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