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desertsp wrote:

A J Fresnel wrote:

desertsp wrote:

search for <cpu 1> vs <cpu 2> and look for benchmark comparisons

Bad idea. That will lead you to userbenchmark. That site is the epitome of uselessness when You want to know what a CPU can do, because it is there is no record whatsoever of the test conditions. Did the CPU run on single or dual channel RAM? Most of them run in factory-built PCs with no standards whatsoever on what cooling the manufacturer installed.

I recommend searching for sensible tests. Try guru3d or Anandtech.

It's a decent ballpark though.

For example I googled "AMD Athlon 2 Quad Core 640 vs i5-4570", and the top results are:

  1. http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i5-4570-vs-AMD-Athlon-II-X4-640
  2. http://www.cpu-world.com/Compare/255/AMD_Athlon_II_X4_640_vs_Intel_Core_i5_i5-4570.html
  3. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-4570-vs-AMD-Athlon-II-X4-640/2770vsm225

These each suggest, in various ways, that the Intel CPU is better. Therefore it could reasonably be assumed that if the other specs are similar, a computer with an i5-4570 is faster than one with AMD Athlon 2 Quad Core 640.

Of course if benchmarks of the overall system are available for the specific computers being compared, then those are probably more useful. My only basis for suggesting starting with CPU information is that the CPU is pretty important to overall performance, and may well be the differentiator assuming the other specs are reasonable (i.e. 8+ GB memory, solid state drive).

I just explained that these comparisons are worthless because of systematic errors. Either the CPUs are so far apart like in Your example that simply googling their prices would have told You that one is a 70$ chip and the other a 200$ chip from 2013 - giving You reliable information - or they are close enough that these comparisons give no reliable info at all. That's why i tried to give the OP a better option to google for controlled reviews.

Since a monkey could have made the distinction seeing them on the shelf at costco, try again.

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