How Do I Measure Noise Using Photoshop? And What Is A Significant Change?

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That's a deeper question. So which is more useful to the working photographer? I produce photos within an ecosystem in which I and my clients use Macintosh computers and Adobe software almost exclusively. There's a very predictable workflow in other words.

So which would be more helpful for me in fine-tuning my exposure decisions? To know the effects on noise before going through the imaging chain or to know what happens after all the various programs have done their math?

And why jpegs? As we continue to converge video and stills, jpegs are becoming obsolete because they can't carry transparency information. Would the results be different with  TIFFs and PNGs? Do they have different characteristics?

bclaff wrote:

My suggestion is that if you shoot raw or raw+jpeg then examining the raw files (with something like RawDigger) is the real "scientific" approach, otherwise the tone curve hopelessly muddles the results.

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