D850 Sharpness myth (Reposted)

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500mm ?

MrHollywood wrote:

I have ZERO issues with handheld sharpness with my D850. I can shoot down to 1/20th second even with 500mm handheld.

It's NO different in this regard than my D700, 5D MKII, Df, D810 or any of the other DSLRs that I've used.

I'm an experienced shooter, but mostly retired from the business these days. The only reason why some users don't get sharp results is because they have instead technique and always did. As MP rise, their poor technique impacts sharpness.

And that's it. I have very little difference in sharpness with my D850 vs. D810, though I tend to get sharper results handheld with my D850.

I understand that this can be an unpopular view. Everyone prefers to blame their tool rather than themselves.

Quick handheld sample at 200mm at 1/50 second. No problem to get good results and I'm not at my steadiest before breakfast, so I can do better after I eat!

Work on technique. I don't care how many people have an issue. Poor technique is common.



500mm is often used to photograph objects, which are a bit further than minimum focus distance. Can you show an example where your subject is 50-100 yards away?

1/20 at 500 mm?

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