How Do I Measure Noise Using Photoshop? And What Is A Significant Change?

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There is perfectly clear notion what noise is.

It is the erroneous signal present in the image that was not present in the original object introduced by the imaging device.

It has two components, systematic and random.

This has been discovered at the time the normal distribution was discovered and statistics was born. All measurements were found to have "noise", ie. variations from ground truth state.

If you would like to have  better visualization of what noise is take a picture of pure uniform gray paper and look closely at it. The pixels that stand out, i.e. that are darker and brighter than the overall background. The darker/brighter pixels were not present in the original paper and are the 'noise' of the photographic system. (yes, there is 'noise' in the paper, it is not perfectly uniform, but that noise is an order of magnitude below the noise of the photo equipment and is therefore disregarded here).

Hope that helps.

There are other definitions of noise depending on different industries and fields, like acoustics, etc but all boil down to the same thing and are studied with same statistical formulas.

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